Frequently Asked Questions

Nudge runs on chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Viber, and even SMS messaging. It can also be integrated with your website through a chat plug-in.

It can display text, photos, videos, carousel options.

It can’t…yet. 🙂

Depends on the script it’d be able to understand english, tagalog phrases, taglish keywords. Also working on Mandarin.

“Assistive”, because humans will still play an integral part in the business process and we want to enable people, rather than replace them.

We do consulting, application development and customizations in support of Nudge.

If you have an API we can integrate on that. We would have to request for some technical documents and will have the product team take a look on it.

Depending on the engagement. If it’s something generic or easy, we can. But if it’s something more complicated, we can ask for a trial fee.

  1. Usage data (number of conversations, length of conversations in messages, number of specific conversations triggered)
  2. User data (names from FB of users, public profile, any profile data collected during the conversation)
  3. Sentiment Analysis – friendly or angry